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I once heard a saying about how every happening in each of our lives makes us who we are today. We remember such events and examine how they might have influenced us.

I remember when I was about five years old. I stood beside my parents and my little brother at the edge of a large pond full of dark green water. From this experience, I formed a preference for swimming only in water where I can see the bottom!

I also remember as an eight-year-old at my grandparents’ ranch. We kids spent hot summer afternoons beside large fans and read books. I liked reading about characters my age who solved big mysteries. I still enjoy reading such intriguing books and try to gather clues to solve the mystery along with the character.



Many years ago, the only television sets showed black and white. There were no computers, video games, or cell phones. During long stretches of free time, I enjoyed the adventures of the characters in the Bobsey Twins; Nancy Drew; the Hardy Boys; and Cherry Ames, Student Nurse. We kids were miles from the small village library, so we ended up reading each book, sometimes twice, found in the sets on the shelves.

Do you recall similar life experiences of your own? How have these influenced who you are today as a person?

What do you think?

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