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(Actual quotation or the author’s ideas put in your own words, the source of quote, and the date)

One way to respond is to write your questions or wonderings on post-it notes and stick them on the selection or book page as you are reading. Then you can recall your ideas and where you found each in the story when it’s time to discuss.

The good news is that this way there are no wrong answers and many good answers and ideas to share during literature circle time.

--M. Stoddard,
Writing Portfolio, 2008



(Description of how the author’s words made you think and feel, question, wonder, compare, reflect, or predict)

Sticky notes and I are best friends! I rely on them as reminders stuck on my desk of tasks I need to do, as locators for yummy recipes in
magazines, and especially when I am researching materials for my writing. Perfect examples of the saying, “That’s what friends are for!”

The news article, “Australian
warship sunk as artificial reef,”
was published on August 1, 2005. It details battles in which the ship fought, the concrete and explosives used to sink the destroyer, and the large crowd that watched the event.

Artificial reefs provide
environments for sea creatures in a time when natural reefs are in trouble from pollution.










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